Where’s the People?

0817_tesla-1240-01-scout_1200x675Where’s the people? http://onforb.es/1NH0Ed9 @TeslaMotors leads way to @Roomba Healthcare #Innovation @SeniorsFamily

Recently, I was talking with a nursing home operator who owned a small portfolio of nursing home properties.  We were chatting about how a $15 minimum wage would affect the nursing home & assisted living industry.  Since labor is a such a large component of delivering quality care, he thought that a $15 minimum wage would drive up the cost to residents and lead to more automation of tasks.  The first task this experienced operator would automate is cleaning.  Perhaps an industrialized Roomba®, I asked?

“Ha, ha,” we chuckled.

But today, seeing no people at Tesla’s automated manufacturing plant, I started to wonder.  “Hmm, maybe we’re not too far off from that industrialized Roomba®for healthcare.”