Doing Good, is Good Business.

Dumb Money

Senior Housing News reporter, Tim Mullaney, recently did an interview with Capital One’s Imran Javaid, managing director of healthcare and specialty finance, and Keith Kodrin, senior director of healthcare real estate ( discussing the idea of “Dumb Money” in the…

Christmas Arrives Early for One Lucky New Orleans Family

Not only is this good for the family and the community, these companies have also made advances in making this project green as well! “A demonstration home built with wood framing materials supplied by Roseburg (, an Oregon-based forest products company,…

JetBlue and Zappos Give Back

Thank you to these companies for reaching out to its most loyal patrons in the midst of a very busy, and stressful, travel day.  @jetblue @zappos @seniorsfamily

Why your small business should support a charity?

How supporting a charity can help your business. #seniorsfamily  #doinggood  #goodbusiness

How Small Companies Should Give to Charity

If you are contemplating a business charitable campaign, this article asks many questions that should be asked before a business gives to a charity.  It brings up some issues that should be addressed to make the most for your giving…