Big Bucks. No Whammies.

How is prescription drug use and the TV show, “Press Your Luck,” similar? pressluck

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For Nursing Care Owners who are able to work with doctors and pharmacists to reduce their resident’s use of prescription drugs, they may be saying the same thing as contestants on this once-popular TV show “Big Bucks.  No Whammies.”

Prescription drug costs are a significant cost of nursing home care.  Oftentimes, each prescription’s cost is not reimbursed individually.  A flat amount is usually provided to the nursing home who is then charged by the pharmacy on a prescription by prescription basis.

Some patients may have 20+ prescriptions.  That’s “Big Bucks.”  If by working with resident’s doctors and pharmacists, nursing homes are able to reduce the use of prescription drugs, then it may be “No Whammies” to the nursing home.

I believe that we will start to see even more attention to the use of prescription drugs throughout healthcare.  The biggest impact may not only be for nursing homes who are able to successfully work to reduce their use but also, more importantly, the biggest positive impact may be in the daily lives of individual residents.

Helping people to reduce their use of potentially unnecessary prescription drugs can be another instance of “doing good is good business.”

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