Are You Quick Enough?

When I talk with the owners of family-based senior housing facility operators, there’s not always the sense of urgency about following up on prospective residents that I see when I’m talking with the larger, regional operators of seniors housing.

Jason Oliva ( in his SHN article “Annual Caregiving Costs Still Cheaper than Assisted Living” writes that “For 43% of family caregivers, deciding on a senior care or senior housing option only took one month…”

For family-owned properties, one key is to make sure that every new prospective resident inquiry is contacted and pursued within minutes & hours (not days), because within 30 days, 43% of inquiries will find a new home somewhere. Being quick follow-up with prospective new residents is one of the keys to maintaining high occupancy.

,,,and maintaining high occupancy is one of the key metrics to maintaining a healthy, viable senior living community.

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