Seniors Housing Family Business Institute is a boutique nursing home & assisted living consultancy that is devoted to helping the Owners of family-run nursing homes and assisted living facilities to fully utilize the financial, business and family assets in their control to achieve the lifestyle and family relationships that they desire and deserve.

We do this by harnessing our years of financial auditing experience combined with our mergers & acquisitions skills in selling nursing homes and assisted living facilities in multiple states to work closely with the business owners. We align the often significant cash proceeds from the sale of their business with their personal & family goals through a structured Exit Planning approach.

We believe that this holistic approach is the only way to make sure that when it’s time to sell a family business, that the money from the sale transaction is used wisely to achieve often-contradictory personal & family goals while building/preserving the precious relationships of the business Owners with their spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren, favorite charities and the community.